Past Articles


Neon Lights Border Tubing - Many times customers like to accessorize their windows with neon light border tubing. This can add a lot of color and brightness to a window.

Scrolling Message LED signs give you flexibility - If you want to be able to change the message, you may want to look into getting a Scrolling Message LED sign. The scrolling message LED signs offer you the flexibility to reprogram the sign so that you can change the message to whatever you want at anytime and change it back to the original message if you so desire.

Every Store Needs OPEN Neon Signs! - As a business owner, you should look at an OPEN neon sign as an invitation for customers to enter your store and shop

The History of neon - Here is a good article on the history of neon. Also there is an excellent  video on this site to better understand how neon signs are made.

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