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Flashing Neon Lights vs. Constant On Neon Signs

There is some debate over the best kind of neon lights. Should you have a flashing neon light sign in your window or a neon sign that is constantly shining? Well, it depends. If your store is located at an intersection near a stop sign or traffic light, a flashing neon sign will catch more attention. It will flash (simulating an explosion - hopefully on a small scale) and naturally attract attention. If on the other hand the potential customer’s car is traveling at 40 miles per hour past the store and your neon sign flashes, it may well be in the “off” part of the flash when the customer glances over to see it. Fortunately, our flashing neon sign come with a control that allows you to regulate the speed of the flash. You can turn the neon sign on so that it burns constantly or you can turn the dial so that it progressively flashes faster and faster. That way you can regulate the speed of the flash.

Are Signs Dangerous?

Keep in mind that while businesses consider signage a great idea, many governmental units consider signs an eyesore and a nuisance. While you may enjoy the view of the Black Velvet girl on the billboard or enjoy reading the latest breaking news on an LED sign while driving down the expressway, it would not be a good idea if you are looking at the sign and not the car ahead of you – the one that just stopped while you are still cruising at 60 mph. Get the point? There is a fine line between attracting attention for your company’s advertising campaign and creating a dangerous distraction. Be responsible with signage! 

Slogans Make Neon Lights More Effective

Slogans and other phrases that stick in people’s minds make advertising with neon lights more effective. Many people will remember phrases from when they were young. Some of us can still fill in the blanks for commercials we heard 50 years ago. For example “It’s so easy when you use (what product?)” If you are over 50 years old, you probably heard this commercial 3 times during every 30-minute TV show! Try to come up with catchy phrases and slogans that are already in customer’s minds to help them associate your product with something they already remember. Some commercial advertisers have already spent millions of dollars creating memory slots in your customers’ minds. Play off of this and use catchy advertising slogans for your business. These same slogan idea applies to LED signs.

LED Signs Make A Lot Of Sense

 LED stands for light-emitting diode. This little light-emitting diode can come in the form of a small light bulb. It is a very small, but very bright light that is similar in brightness to a neon-filled tube. These little LED light bulbs can be independently programmed in LED signs to create amazing light shows. Because of the versatility of LED signage, they have gained great popularity. Las Vegas is a perfect example. For years, Las Vegas was considered to be the “neon capital of the world”. Today, however, over one half of the signs that line the streets of Las Vegas are LED signs. You, too, can order small compact animated LED signs for your business in order to attract customers. They are similar to the brightness of neon, but use less energy. In a world with a finite energy supply, using LED signage is doing your part in the conservation effort.

What To Consider When Buying a Neon Light Sign

There are many factors to consider when buying a neon light sign. First and foremost, you want to consider the potential customer. Who do you want to attract? You will certainly want to consider how far your customer is likely to be from the sign. This will determine the size of the lettering required. If you want to attract customers at 50 feet away for example, put something in the window that is 4” or 6” to see if you can easily see it at 50 feet. Remember, a neon light will be easier to see at 50 feet than a 6” ruler. At night you may want to use a flashlight. If you already have an OPEN neon sign or any other kind of sign, that is a great tool to use to determine how big the letters should be. After you determine the letter size, you can determine the number of letters. Normally, neon sign companies base their sign prices on the number of letters. That makes sense since it takes more work to bend 10 neon letters than 4 letters. Keep in mind that you have to choose a sign that is large enough to hold the number of letters that you have in your message. Consider your audience for the appropriate message. “What’s Up?” may be a cool message for one group while another group of customer might avoid a shop with such a message. Also, remember that the sign needs to be easily read. Do not attempt to write a message the length of a classified ad on the sign. Keep the message short, clear and neat. Do not try to overcrowd the sign with too much neon. If you have two lines of text on most small signs, you should avoid a neon border. It becomes too crowded. Also, keep the lettering simple. Block lettering is a lot easier to read than a fancy script – especially if you are traveling past at 40 miles per hour in a car. As far as colors, the primary colors of neon are red and blue. Red is the natural color of neon gas and blue is argon gas. Every other color is made up of combinations of the red and blue gasses and colored powders. The colors red and blue make the brightest neon lights. While we have been talking about neon light signs in this article, these points would also apply to LED lights.

Custom Neon Sign Logo’s

Neon tube benders bend the neon sign tubes usually by hand. These benders cannot make any image imaginable - they can only make an outline of an image. For example, they can make an outline of a person for a custom neon sign. You would not be able to tell which person because it is not an actual picture.  If you want an exact picture, you need to consider a backlit sign. If you want a very bright outline, however, you can use logos of coffee cups, Beer mug logo neon signs, etc. Many times customers can use their own logo and have custom neon light designers prepare drawings for them and show them how their logos can be made into very bright neon. Many companies offer custom neon signs samples using templates that you can add your customized message to. Some customers like being creative and making their own designs.

Neon Sculptures And Neon Clocks

Let's discuss some of the neat ideas where neon sculptures and neon clocks can be used. While both of these items are restricted to indoor use, there are many indoor applications. First in recreation or game rooms, you can add brightly colored neon sculptures. If you have a pool room, there are many neon clocks that add to the decor. And don't forget the garage or workshop. There are many cool neon clocks with car designs.

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